“I started to see the results of the treatment after a week. It only took 30 minutes for the treatment to be done from start to finish so managed to get an appointment during my lunch break and was back in the office after lunch with nobody the wiser.”


“I felt comfortable and relaxed through the entire treatment. Mairin did a home visit which was really useful because I work late and couldn’t make the clinic times. Plus I didn’t want to be seen publicly going into a clinic. I have used many other places before with average results, this time I have finally found somewhere I can go to achieve fantastic results so I will definitely be returning. Plus she only uses branded products, which I personally feel has an impact on the outcome and duration.”


“This was the first time I ever had any type of treatment like this so I was really nervous, my mind was put at ease straight away when I meet Mairin. She is so professional and seemed to really listen to me which eased my nerves. She tailored my treatment according to what my end goal was and we did it in stages which made the changes really subtle. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”


“I can’t rate Mairin highly enough. Everything about the treatment I received was excellent. The first thing that really impressed me was her professionalism. She sat down and explained the procedure to me in great detail which gave me a fantastic insight into what was occurring and why. Having this understanding was good as I felt like I was actively involved in the treatment. Amazing results, lasted longer than expected, couldn't be happier”

Why choose Welton Aesthetics Clinic?

Botox is a legal medicine (POM) & has to be prescribed by a prescribing clinician

‘Botox’ has become a generic name for wrinkle freezing treatment and the brand currently used at Welton Aesthetics Clinic is Botox (Allergan)

Consultation & treatment on same day

Botox is kept in stock

Safe friendly treatment

“Top up’ service available between 2 to 4 weeks

Post treatment advice

Prices of Botox from £120

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