Crows Feet Treatment

Crows Feet Treatment

For many, crow’s feet are a natural sign of ageing and simply enhance your expression when you smile or laugh. However, many people wish to get rid of them and retain a fresher, more youthful appearance. If you’d like to reduce the effect of crow’s feet on your appearance, take a look at our crow’s feet treatment options.

What are Crow’s Feet Wrinkles?
Crow’s feet wrinkles develop in the outside corners of your eyes and get their name because they are similar in shape to bird’s feet. Crow’s feet wrinkles appear when you laugh, smile or make other facial expressions due to the muscles around your eyes contracting. They occur naturally over time as the production of collagen lessens with ages and constant movement of our faces pinch the upper layers of our skin. Botox is just one of the crow’s feet treatment options but it is extremely effective

There are two types of crow’s feet wrinkles:

Dynamic crow’s feet lines: dynamic lines can only be seen when you’re making a specific expression and can be treated more easily by injecting Botox to prevent the muscles from contracting and causing the lines in the first place.

Static crow’s feet lines: static lines are visible even when the face is in a resting position and may take a few more treatments before the lines disappear completely.

How does treatment for Crow’s Feet Wrinkles Work?
Botox for crow’s feet wrinkles prevents the area near your eye from wrinkling when making facial expressions. It keeps the muscles around your eyes relaxed and prevents the lines from forming.

During the procedure, we inject Botox into your crow’s feet wrinkles and, as we’re only injecting a very small area, it should only take a few minutes. It then takes around three days for you to stat noticing the effect of the treatment and the results usually last three to four months.

What are the side effects?
As one of the best non-surgical crow’s feet treatment options, Botox is one of the best options for anyone looking to reduce crow’s feet wrinkles. However, as with any treatment, there are possible side effects. Serious risks are rare but there are a few side effects to consider and speak to our advisers about if you’re concerned.

Possible side effects include:
• Excessive tearing of the eyes
• Droopy eyelids
• Headaches
• Dry eyes

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